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If you have questions about your residential trash service, you can download the Recycling and Trash Guide (click "download" link below), review answers to commonly asked questions below or call our Recycling Hotline at: 267-812-2950



Bristol Township contracts with Waste Management to provide automated trash, recycling, and bulk trash pickup service to residences in Bristol Township.  Trash and recycling is collected once a week according to the schedule above. Trash, Recyclables, Yard Waste, and Bulk Waste are all picked up on the same day. As part of the program, all residential customers receive a 95-gallon green waste and 65-gallon blue recycling cart. The containers are the property of Bristol Township and Waste Management.



Can I place additional trash bags next to the cart?
No. All TRASH must be placed INSIDE the Township-issued waste carts. Trash left in bags on the ground or street will NOT be collected. These carts are the only containers to be used for the automated collection. In order to reduce collection costs and increase efficiency and safety, Bristol Township uses automated garbage and recycling collection trucks. Each driver operates a robotic arm to empty carts into the truck. As a result, bags or other items left outside the cart cannot be collected because there are no extra people on the truck to collect additional garbage. Any refuse not collected due to non-compliance must be removed from curbside by the resident by 10:00PM on the designated collection day. The resident will be responsible for proper disposal of refuse.

What if one cart is not enough for our family's weekly trash? May I get a second one?
Yes. Please note that you must contact Waste Management directly at 800-869-5566 to purchase an additional trash container. The Township does not supply additional containers.

I bought a cart at Home Depot that looks just like the ones we’ll be using. May I use it?
No, the automated truck can ONLY pick up the containers approved by Bristol Township. Using a non-approved cart, other than the one provided by the hauler or township, will result in non-collection.

What if all my RECYCLING will not fit into one cart?
The above guidelines apply to TRASH only. Most households will find that recycling materials will easily fit into their cart. Crushing your bottles and cans, collapsing cardboard boxes and milk containers and compressing all materials will free up space so you can fit more in your recycling container. Since there is no limit to how much recyclable material may be placed out on each collection day, the Township recommends placing recyclable materials, such as cardboard, on top of the container for pickup should it not fit into the recycling container.


What about Bulk Items?

One (1) Bulk Item can be placed out each month on your regular collection day. Calander for bulk pick up may be viewed by clicking here. Examples of bulk items include mattress (must be wrapped), washer, dryer, desk, refrigerator, etc.


PLEASE NOTE THAT RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING IS REQUIRED BY ORDINANCE. Failure to comply with the guidelines above may result in the issuance of fines under the provisions of Chapter 134 Article II, 170-14 Municipal Waste Management at Residential Properties of Bristol Township Codified Ordinance. Your cooperation in following these guidelines above is greatly appreciated.


Once-a-Week Automated Waste and Recycling Collection

Please place waste and recyclables in their proper carts, and close the lid.
Blue Cart—Single Stream Recycling (Loose items)
Green Cart—Waste (Bags of household waste)

Place carts in the street, with wheels and handle toward the curb.
Please allow 4 feet between carts, and away from trees, poles, cars, mailbox, etc.




The list of recyclable materials includes: flattened cardboard, magazines, metal hangers, office paper, brown paper bags, paperboard, newspapers, junk mail, phone books, aluminum cans foil and pie tins, clear and colored glass bottles, and jars, tins or steel cans, and plastic bottles #1-7. Click Here for the Ultimate "Can I Recycle that?" Recycling List




DO NOT RECYCLE food scraps, foam, automotive containers, plastic bags, or diapers!

Please place all loose recyclables in your Blue Recycling Cart.  No sorting is needed!  Just place everything together in the cart. 


GET CAUGHT RECYCLING CAMPAIGN: Bristol Township rewards residents who recycle!  Every month, two residents who are doing a great job recycling at home are randomly chosen to receive a $50 TD Bank Gift Card at the monthly Council Meeting. The campaign is sponsored by TD Bank. Get Caught Recycling and you may be the next winner!  For more information call 267-812-2950.


Collection Time
We ask that all solid waste, recyclables, and yard waste be placed at the curb no later than 6 A.M. on the day of collection in order to ensure collection on that day.


The following holidays are observed by Waste Management:
New Year’s Day       Memorial Day            Fourth of July       
Labor Day                 Thanksgiving Day    Christmas Day


Any holiday that falls on a Monday through Friday, will cause all subsequent collection services for the week to be delayed by one day.  For example, Friday service will occur on Saturday.  Regular collection services will resume the following week.


2024 Yard Waste Collection:  Begins on April 1st and continues until December 13th

Yard waste can include: grass, leaves, clippings, branches, etc. Place yard waste in rigid container or biodegradable (paper) bags. No plastic bags. Branches must be cut into lengths less than 4 feet  long. Branches should be tied or bundled with string or twine. Be sure to place yard waste out on your collection day


Household hazardous wastes are not accepted.
Toxic chemicals, pesticides, oil-based paints, weed killers, automotive batteries, fuels or fluids must be  disposed of properly at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection event.  Please check the Bristol Township website, Bucks County Recycling website, or call the PA DEP Recycling Hotline for locations and dates.


Questions or Problems
Please call the Bristol Township Recycling Office at (267) 812-2950 if you have any questions or concerns.


Collector Information:



Waste Management of Bristol


2505 Old Rodgers Road
Bristol, PA 19007



Any “commercial establishment” including stores, markets, offices, restaurants, shopping centers and theaters; any “industrial establishment” engaged in manufacturing or production including factories, foundries, mills and processing plants; and any “institutional establishment” or facility engaged in services, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools and universities are required by law to recycle. All commercial, industrial, institutional, and municipal establishments shall separate recyclable material from municipal waste. These establishments shall recycle corrugated paper, office paper, and aluminum containers. These establishments shall establish, implement, and manage a program for recycling of recyclable materials generated at their properties. Recyclable material shall be collected as often by generated volumes and environmental conditions, but not less than once a month. These establishments are required to submit a recycling report at such time as the Township may deem appropriate.
“Community activity” are events sponsored by public or private agencies or individuals that include, but not limited to, fairs, bazaars, socials, picnics, carnivals, and organized sporting events attended by two hundred (200) or more individuals per day.
All persons owning or managing multi-family housing properties shall establish, implement, and manage a program for the recycling of recyclable materials generated at their properties. All persons residing at multi-family housing properties shall separate recyclable material from municipal waste. Such recyclable materials include: glass bottle and jar containers; aluminum, steel and bi-metallic beverage and food cans; and newspapers. The owner or manager shall inform all persons residing at the multi-family housing property of the program, including the dates, times, and location of collection, the item to be recycled, and the method of collection. Such information shall be provided by the owner to all persons not less than once a year and to all new persons at the time of occupancy. Collection of recyclable shall be as often as required by generated volumes and environmental conditions, but not less than once a month. All multi-family housing properties are required to submit a recycling report at such time as the Township may deem appropriate.
All persons owning or managing multi-family residential properties, commercial, institutional, industrial establishments shall separate leaf waste from municipal waste for processing at a composting facility.
For more information on recycling contact Bristol Township at 267-812-2950.

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