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Levittown Plot Plans

You can request plot plans from:

Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority

7900 Bristol Pike

Levittown PA  19057

(215) 946-0731

 Building & Planning Department
        Robert McTague
        Director of Building, Planning and Zoning


Attention All Contractors

To apply for, and receive construction permits after July 1, 2009 you MUST have a contractor's registration card issued by the Pennsylvania Attorney General Office.

Who Must Apply?

Any person who owns and operates a home improvement business or who undertakes offers to undertake or agrees to perform any home improvement. The term includes a subcontractor or independent contractor who has contracted with a home improvement retailer, regardless of the retailer's net worth, to provide home improvement services to the retailer's customers. The term does not include any of the following services:

(1) A person for whom the total cash value of all that person's home improvements is less than $5,000 during the previous taxable year.
(2) A home improvement retailer having a net worth of more than $50,000,000 or an employee of that retailer that does not perform home improvements.

For more information on this visit the State Attorney General's Website


The Building and Planning Department enforces the provisions of the various codes and ordinances that have been enacted to preserve the character of Bristol Township to continue to make it a desirable place to live.


Major codes and ordinances enforced by the department include:

ZONING ORDINANCE - which classifies and regulates the use of land, the size of lots, the height and size of buildings, the percentage of lot area that may be occupied, and the size of yards and other open spaces.

BUILDING CODE - which governs the design, construction, alteration, demolition and moving of all existing and future buildings in the township.

PLUMBING CODE - which provides for the regulation of plumbing, plumbing fixtures, hot water systems and private sewage disposal systems.

HOUSING CODE - which provides minimum health standards for housing sanitation facilities, requires adequate ventilation, lighting and heating, determines the acceptable occupancy of space, requires safe and sanitary maintenance and prohibits substandard housing conditions.

ELECTRICAL CODE - which provides that all electrical installations, repairs, or alterations must be inspected to assure that the electrical work has been satisfactorily.

In addition to its responsibilities of code enforcement, the Department also regulates and licenses such activities as vending and peddling, commercial occupancy, and amusement devices.

In order to do particular types of work, Bristol Township requires different types of permits that must be obtained. Please visit the forms page to view and download forms and applications.   Please complete all requested information on forms and applications and return to the Building & Planning Department Office.  Incomplete forms will delay processing.  All permits must be posted at the construction site in a conspicuous area. Click here for the forms area.

Send e-mail to the Building & Planning Department Office

2501 Bath Road | Bristol, PA  19007 | BUCKS COUNTY | Phone: 215-785-0500

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